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Report: Every zip code on Oahu is pricing out the average renter
2017/6/9 hawaiinewsnow.com
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Japanese market opens in Hawaii
2017/5/26 travelweekly.com
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Developers shift attention to Waikiki's Kuhio Avenue
2016/7/22 travelweekly.com
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2017/5/4 facebook.com
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Luxury developer who threatened boycott over stalled permits strikes conciliatory tone
2017/5/12 hawaiinewsnow.com
Housing Architecture Honolulu Ala Moana China

Hawaii Renames Honolulu International Airport to Honor Late Sen. Daniel Inouye
2017/5/4 nbcnews.com
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Hard Rock Cafe Honolulu Facebook
Hard Rock Cafe Honolulu
2016/4/19 Facebook

2016/6 hardrock.com
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Jet Stream in Hawaii - Japan Airlines

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"Volunteering to reach out to these victims (travelers) with caring aloha"
2015/5/2 visitoralohasocietyofhawaii.org
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